Friday, November 7, 2014

With Halloween Over, Don’t Let Your Teeth Become the Next Horror Story!

Halloween may be over, but with all those leftover stashes of candy lying around the true terror may just be beginning. With no shortage of sugary sweets for you to indulge in, early November can be a terrifying time for your teeth. As a top dentist in Bakersfield and the surrounding area, at Kern Dental Specialties, we’re well aware of both the temptations and repercussions of the Halloween candy binge, and now is a perfect time for you to think about your teeth before you open that next wrapper.

First and foremost know this: enjoying a little candy is more than okay. Problems arise when a little goes to a lot, and then lands somewhere around overindulgence. The issue with Halloween candy is the sheer volume of sugar that we’re all bombarded with which of course tempts us to binge because it feels appropriate to do so. Still, exposing yourself to that much sugar, all at once, definitely isn’t good for your body, and it’s not great for your teeth either. Remember, that candy isn’t going to go bad any time soon. Take your time! 

It’s no coincidence that dentists see a spike in patients during the Halloween season. Few things can reveal dental issues quicker than a nice big bite into a sugary nugget. If you do discover you have dental problems, it’s always best to get them resolved sooner rather than later. For Bakersfield dental implants Kern Dental is a top choice for quality treatment. For a root canal Bakersfield residents rely on, our gentle treatment is well trusted for stress-free care that minimizes pain and discomfort. We’re standing by to offer the care you need!