Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Two Root Canal Myths

It's tough being a dentist in Bakersfield sometimes, especially when you hear MYTHS about your practice around town! Here are two myths that are completely untrue~

#1: Completing a Root Canal Requires Several Appointments

Root canal therapy may be completed in one to two appointments.

Factors that determine the number of appointments necessary to complete a root canal include:
·         The extent of the infection
·         The difficulty of the root canal
Restoring the tooth after root canal therapy is necessary in order to ensure the tooth functions properly. The appointments necessary to completely restore the tooth, in essence, should not be considered part of the root canal process, and getting dental implants in Bakersfield is a whole other ballgame!

Myth #2: Teeth Need to Hurt Before Root Canal Therapy Becomes Necessary
Teeth that require root canal therapy are not always painful. In fact, teeth that are already dead may require root canal therapy to prevent the tooth from becoming infected. Tests used to confirm a dead tooth include:
·         Temperature testing
·         Percussion testing
·         Using a pulp vitality machine

Depending on your threshold for pain, we may or may not use sedation dentistry in Bakersfield for you.