Thursday, May 21, 2015

The First Mouth Based Kitchen Appliance?

As your local Bakersfield endodontist, we thought we’d seen it all here at Kern Dental Specialties, but some things never cease to surprise us when it comes to dental news. This story comes to us from South America, where an Argentinian rugby team was approached by their official beer sponsor with a very interesting offer. Rugby, a sport known worldwide for its rough and tumble nature, often culminates in injuries for its players and the Rugby Union of Argentina is no strangers to gashes, scrapes, and broken bones. For Salta Beer, it was the rugby players’ missing teeth that they were interested in.

The beer maker paid one Dr. Sebastian Juri to design a dental implant that could double as a usable bottle opener. Using a 3-D printer, he individually designed and created implants that had the chewing function of a regular premolar, but also had the unique ability to safely pop the cap off a beer bottle. As a leading dentist in Bakersfield, we’re not sure we can recommend sticking glass and metal in your mouth, even if you have an implant specially designed to do so. Our team has yet to offer a similar service, but if you’re in need of a Bakersfield root canal we’re still the best choice!