Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Toothache? It Could be the Weather!

Though many fondly view Southern California as winterless utopia, for those of us who live here we know that the weather can actually get quite brisk during the winter months. It’s true that we avoid the blizzards of the East, but going outside without a jacket can cost you on a December evening. That’s why any of us welcome the traditional Spring months as a return to ideal weather. Believe or not, in addition to being the cause of neglected jackets everywhere, warm weather can also cause dental discomfort!

Here at Kern Dental Specialists, as a well-known dentist in Bakersfield, we’re privy to all the new dental tidbits, and this one caught our eye. Different temperatures can cause tooth sensitivity, as anyone who’s experienced pain inhaling an icy breath of winter air can attest to. Conversely, dry hot air can trigger allergies which cause our sinuses to swell due to congestion. This may put pressure on the roots of the teeth can cause pain. Of course, a trip to a doctor is the best course of action to address sinus issues, but if you’re looking for a endodontist in Bakersfield our team has your back. We’ll tackle the issue at the source, and our gentle treatment has made us a popular choice as a top for a root canal dentist. Our team is standing by to provide you the care you need in any weather!