Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Root Canal Misconceptions

Kern Dental Specialties is the top Bakersfield Endodontist, practicing dentistry that deals with the soft inner tissue of the teeth called dental pulp. One of our most commonly performed procedures is the root canal. Many people are frightened by the idea of getting necessary root canals, mainly attributed to a number of misconceptions. At Kern Dental Specialties, it’s important to us that you feel comfortable and informed before proceeding with this important procedure.
Here are the top misconceptions about root canals:
  • Root Canals are Painful: Nope! As technology has evolved, so have anesthetics. A root canal isn’t any more painful than getting a cavity filled.
  • Root Canals are Only for Hurting Teeth: Even if your tooth currently doesn’t hurt, that doesn’t mean you don’t have the signs of needing a root canal. In fact, you can avoid the discomfort of dental pulp decay by regularly visiting your dentist. A root canal can save you future pain.
  • You’ll Still Need to Remove Your Tooth: As long as your tooth is properly restored by an endodontist and you maintain good oral hygiene, your tooth can last a lifetime.
  • A Root Canal Means Seeing the Dentist… A Lot: With Kern Dental Specialties, a root canal can be performed in a single visit.
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  1. The idea of getting a root canal scares me because I have heard that misconception about how painful it is. It's nice to know that's not true. I feel like many people could benefit from learning about this. http://www.wiestdental.com/library/79/RootCanalTherapy.html